Dozier Middle School

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S.M.A.R.T. What does it look like here?
voice level
Move it!
Move it!
be prepared
Respect Think before you speak or act
Classroom -Follow staff member directions about noise level -Come to class on time and site in assigned seat

-Begin Do Now

-Comply immediately to transition directions
-Bring agenda

-Have all necessary materials (notebook, homework, etc.)
-Comply with directions the 1st time given

-Be considerate of all classmates and their space
-Use appropriate language and behavior
Hallways -Use small voices

-Follow adult instruction the 1st time given
-Follow adult instruction 1st time given

-Walk to the right

-Keep moving
-Always have agenda

-Get all materials from locker before class
-Follow adult instruction 1st time given

-Keep hands and feet to yourself

-If you drop it, pick it up
-Use positive and appropriate talk at low volume
Cafeteria -Use small voices -Go directly to the line when told to do so

-Once you've received your food, report to your seat and stay there

-Follow your teacher's instruction for leaving
-Know your student number

-Bring money or lunch box
-Follow adult instruction when given

-Throw away all trash and leave area clean
-Use appropriate language and behavior
Bus/Bus Stops -Use small voices -Be at the stop on time

-Enter and leave quickly and orderly

-Sit in assigned seat
-Come to the stop with all materials needed -Comply with directions the 1st time given

-Follow all bus rules
-Use appropriate language and behavior
Library and Computer Labs -Use whisper voices -Go to the area that you will be working -Bring agenda

-Brng in all due or overdue books
-Comply with directions the 1st time given

-Computers should be used only as directed by staff
-Use appropriate language and behavior
Extracurricular Activities -Follow adult instruction about noise level -Report directly and promptly to activity

-Always have your agenda or written pass for walking in the hallway
-Bring all materials that you will need for the activity -Follow the directions of staff 1st time given

-Be considerate of classmates at all times
-Use appropriate language and behavior
Bathroom & Locker Room -Use small voices -In and out ina timely manner -Have agenda -Keep bathroom clean

-Dispose of trash properly

-Be mindful of the need for privacy
-Use appropriate language and behavior



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