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Pearson Online Textbooks

Start-to-Finish- Online Accessible 

"My Digital Life"

ESL Rosetta Stone AND LEAP

ESL Students:   Click here to go to the Rosetta Stone website.


Standards of Learning (SOL)

SOL Test Practice for Writing

2014 TestNav SOL Practice Items from Virginia DOE  (Math and Social Studies)

TestNav SOL Practice Items from Virginia DOE (Math, Science and English)

SOL 8th Grade Direct Writing ONLINE Practice

Super Saturday School

Math Websites

PERSPECTIVE  (formerly Mentor)  UNDERSTAND SCORING for Writing
Understand Scoring - Gain a greater understanding of the essay scoring process by examining samples of professionally scored papers and practice scoring sets of essays on your own.

SOL Review and Practice

 DORA Testing

Voyager Learning - Vocabulary

SOL Curriculum Correlation


Sixth Grade


Social Studies

Seventh Grade

Inspiration Templates



Social Studies


6th Grade English Intervention

6th Grade Family History Links

6th Grade - Fever 1793 6th Grade Novel Unit: "Bud, Not Buddy"
6th Grade Poetry Unit  

7th Grade Family History Unit


8th Grade Novel Unit: "Nothing But the Truth" 8th Grade Unit
20th Century - "Blast from the Past" (English 8 Unit Links)  


Comparative Shopping Links


 Pasco Probeware Lessons and Worksheets

Science Fair Projects

Dissection Sites

Sixth Grade Science Links


Sixth Grade Chesapeake Bay Sites

More Science Links  

Social Studies

Inventions and Inventors

Civil War Art

Mr. Henderson's Social Studies Project Links


President Bush's Speeches

Adam Smith and Karl Marx


Special Interest Groups

State v Federal Government


Revolutionary War Links

Court Cases:

Gideon v Wainwright 1963

Plessy v Ferguson

Brown v Board of Education

Dred Scott v Sanford

Marbury v Madison

McCullough v Maryland

Tinker v DesMoines School District

U.S. v Nixon

Worchester v Georgia



Clubs and Organizations



Evaluating Websites




Ancient Civilization links

French Links

Le Louvre



More Online Resources

  • Virginia Career View: Career exploration activities

  • Grolier Encyclopedia: American Encyclopedia (excellent for current events and history), Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia (includes animations, cutaways, dynamic maps and sounds), New Book of Knowledge (especially useful for clear basic information and links), New Book of Popular Science, America the Beautiful, and Lands and Peoples (countries, cultures, and current events).

  • SIRS: SIRS Knowledge Source includes SIRS Research SIRS Government Reporter, SIRS Renaissance (arts and humanities), SIRS Discoverer (easy to understand information)

  • Thomson Gale Databases - Virginia Schools: You can find: magazine & newspaper articles, TV and radio transcripts, encyclopedias and other reference works, company information & investment reports, health and wellness information, literary criticism and more.

  • eLibrary and ProQuest Professional Education: Newspapers, magazines, books, pictures, maps, television and radio scripts, professional education journals

  • Newport News Public Library

  • Brain Pop: Animated movies, interactive quizzes, experiments and other activities

  • World Book Online

  • International Children's Digital Library: Includes picture books in 22 languages - a great resource for language teachers, ESOL students, and anyone interested in understanding cultures.

  • TumbleBook Library: TumbleBook Library is a collection of TumbleBooks (animated, talking picture books), puzzles, quizzes and teacher resources.



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